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9 Women You Need to Follow on Instagram

Every adventurous woman needs motivation now and again. Who better to turn to than other bold, badass women for inspiration? Whether you are into travel, exploring the outdoors, investigating your inner landscape through yoga and meditation, or trying on new looks, having another woman to turn to for a new perspective, unexpected insight, or fresh ideas can mean the difference between running into a creative block or boldly taking another leap forward in your personal journey. Instagram is full of women sharing their adventures through beautiful imagery and insightful posts. They inspire She Explores Life every day.

The following are 9 women you need to follow on Instagram now

Dianne Bondy

Have you been curious about yoga, but feel like you don’t fit the mold? Do you already practice yoga, but find the standard classes off-putting.

Dianne Bondy @Diannebondyyoga is the woman to follow on Instagram. Her profile describes her as an Author, Disruptor, Consciousness Shifter. And she’s been a featured teacher on Yoga International.

We love her because of her dedication to inclusiveness in the yoga community and her accessible lessons. I catch myself smiling every time I watch one of her videos. If you are looking to add to your home practice, or need a little guidance creating a home practice, you’ll find it on Dianne’s Instagram account.

Patrice J. Williams

@patricejwill describes her as an On-air style expert for TODAY, WeTv, and others. Her goal? Helping women look their best, for less (YES).

I’m not going to lie, I may be biased because I had the good fortune of meeting this incredibly talented woman on a trip. The author of Looking Fly on a Dime, Patrice makes putting together an outfit easy. Look, I’ve never been one invest time into fashion, but I do think that if you want a leg up in life, knowing how to dress for every occasion helps. I have found myself sucked into this fashion expert’s Instagram stories on many occasions. A quick scroll through her Instagram posts has sent me looking for clothing items. If you are looking to create or switch up your style…or you just need a little help pulling your look together for special occasions, Patrice is the woman to follow on Instagram.

Passport of Memories

Do you dream of being a world traveler? If you do, then passportofmemories is a must-follow Instagram account. Tiana of Passportofmemories takes you around the world in stunning images that keep you falling in love over and over and over again with this amazing orb we live on. But don’t stop with her Instagram Account. Follow the link in her bio to her website, where you’ll find tons of articles from her adventures.

Erika Sharpe

@_erikasharpe is an outdoor adventuress who visually takes you around the world and on adventures that include bow hunting, snakes, cool cars and more. She takes badassery to the next level and infuses her Instagram images with a whole lot of fun. Following her account is sure to give you some crazy good travel and adventure ideas of your own.

Fifteen Hours In

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be a flight attendant? Drennan fills you in on her Instagram account @fifteenhoursin. Her infectious smile grabs a hold of you as you scroll through her stunning posts which take you around the world and give you a sneak peek at her unique lifestyle. Don’t forget to follow the link in her bio. It takes you to her blog where she gives you the inside scoop on her adventures.

Overland Discovery

This woman-owned business runs an Instagram account that will make you want to drop everything, jump in a Jeep and head off-road for some crazy adventures. If you like your adventure on the rugged side, connecting with @Overland.Discovery’s Instagram feed will feed your dreams and add “road warrior adventure” to your bucket list.

Kika’s Adventures

Always surprising and thrilling us with her upbeat spirit and posts, @Kikasadventures has contributed to She Explores Life in the past and continues to feed our soul with her passion for living, which is displayed for all to see in her Instagram posts. Along with hiking and traveling, she shares that she is also passionate about ending human trafficking. Her profile on Instagram also reveals that she does what she loves to fight hate! Now, we can get behind that. Love you Kika!

Being Benedetti

She Explores Life Founder, Annette Benedetti blends travel, family, yoga and all the crazy adventures that make up her life in her eclectic Instagram feed. From day-drinking her way through beautifully crafted cocktails to spooning with a bag of cheese while exploring Madison Wisconsin, to practicing yoga anywhere and everywhere, you’ll start to see the inspiration behind @beingbenedetti’s articles as they are published on our site.

She Explores Life

Of course, we hope you’ll follow us on our own adventures. At @sheexplores_life we share all of our favorite adventuress’s photos. So, you can tag us to be featured on our social, site and even an article like this one. We also share what we have going on along with our top articles (so you won’t miss a thing). Follow us to become part of our growing tribe of bold, beautiful, badass women!


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Annette is a writer, editor and photographer from Portland, OR. Her work appears in a variety of publications including Bust, Red Tricycle, Motherly and Domino. When she’s away from her desk she can be found teaching women yoga at wilderness retreats, exploring new cities across the states and hiking the trails at Mt. Rainier—one of her favorite places on earth.