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Nike’s Ad Explains Why The US Women’s Soccer Team Made Us Believe

I Believe

It’s been a hard year for women. Actually, it’s been a couple of hard years for women. We have taken the hits. We’ve watched our sister’s voices be ignored, mocked and silenced, especially when confronting their abusers. We’ve protested as our country’s administration has taken away our reproductive rights, and suffered the sucker punches struck by those who think that there is no such thing as an equal pay gap.

I mean I could go on and on, but what I want to talk about is Nike’s just-released ad paying tribute to the US Women’s Soccer Team. I want to talk about how it so beautifully captures why something like women playing soccer has fanned the dying embers of hope in feminists’ hearts everywhere not just reigniting a flame, but creating a raging fire that has made us all believe again.

Megan Rapinoe and the entire US Women’s Soccer team has reminded us that determination, belief, hard work and insisting on being a fucking unstoppable force leads to success. Even when the leader of the very country you are representing is against you and spews vile, disgusting, and hateful statements about you on the internet sending his minions into a feeding frenzy.

Rapinoe is both female and queer, making her an extra big target for hate mongers. Watching her respond to hate fearlessly and lead her team to success in today’s World Cup Championship has been more inspiring than watching Captain Marvel or Wonderwoman for the first time. She and her team members are the sheroes we needed right now.

Nike did the team justice with this ad.

I Believe.


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Annette Benedetti
Annette Benedetti
Annette is a writer, editor and photographer from Portland, OR. Her work appears in a variety of publications including Bust, Red Tricycle, Motherly and Domino. When she’s away from her desk she can be found teaching women yoga at wilderness retreats, exploring new cities across the states and hiking the trails at Mt. Rainier—one of her favorite places on earth.
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