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You’ve Fallen in Love with a CrossFitter. Now What?

A Girl’s Guide to Dating a CrossFitter

So, you’ve fallen in love with someone who loves CrossFit, hey, we get it! CrossFitters have amazing abs and it could happen to the best of us! Although CrossFit may not be your thing, he/she sure is, so what’s a gal to do?

Here’s the thing about CrossFit, it garners a lot of ridicule, and is so fun to make fun of! The number one rule of CrossFit is, after all, make sure everyone knows you’re doing CrossFit. Crossfitters just do the Workout Of The Day (WOD), vomit, and brag about it on Facebook or Instagram. We see a bunch of people, who are ultra-competitive, speak their own language, talk incessantly about their passion for working out, and walk around with great bodies that are scantily clad, and we think, “Bro-culture, gag!”

The following is what I learned during the first ever CrossFit competition weekend that I attended as the very non-CrossFit girlfriend of a CrossFitter.


20 Things You Should Know When Dating a CrossFitter

1. CrossFit is a workout methodology that incorporates functional movements from different disciplines like strength training, gymnastics and sports, performed at different intensities and for varied time durations.

2. CrossFitters are just like us, only with much better abs. I don’t know exactly what I was expecting but it wasn’t what I got. These people were actually really great, kind, supportive and fun.

3. It’s a super tight-nit sport. Talk about a united community, which actually makes a lot of sense when you think about the hell these people all put their bodies through- willingly! They are all singularly focused on doing insane shit and constantly upping their game.

4. CrossFitters talk about CrossFit a lot. If they aren’t working out, they are talking about future or past workouts. You can either tune it out, (they don’t actually care if you listen) or you can learn something new. They love to teach someone who is inexperienced all about their passion.

5. They don’t all wear axe body spray. I know, it’s shocking.

6. Woman are kicking ass and dominating in this sport. Want to see some bad ass women kicking some major ass? Go watch the women compete at a CrossFit competition. It’s inspiring and amazing.

7. CrossFitters love to cheer one another on. It’s actually kind of cool to see these muscled up jocks dominate a workout and then take a breath and cheer on everyone else around them.

8. Want to support your special guy or girl? You can basically learn a few encouraging statements and just recycle them over and over. I’d suggest:

  • Big power
  • Dig, dig, dig
  • You’ve got this
  • Harder
  • Do it for the abs
  • Let’s go
  • Pull, pull, pull
  • You can do anything for 60 seconds
  • Chest to deck
  • Get low
  • It’s all in your head, you can do this


9. I was honestly shocked at the level of athleticism that I witnessed. I’ve been making fun of CrossFit for a minute, because it seemed so cliche. And there are some unearned stereotypes surrounding it, only unlike the Kardashian’s, I think this hate is unwarranted. These are some high level athletes that are capable of doing some amazing things.

10. They eat a TON. They all seem to really love food.

11. A glossary of CrossFit terms is required to fully understand your CrossFitting partnerI’ll get you started with 10 that I learned over the weekend: 

  • BOX: is simply a gym that has all the appropriate equipment necessary to perform WODs.
  • WOD: is the work out of the day that is the main body of work to be completed at the box during a CrossFit class.
  • RX: means as prescribed, the athlete does the prescribed number of reps at the prescribed weight, inside the time cap.
  • SCALED: Scaling a workout means the athlete adjusted the movements, weights or repetitions to accommodate his skills, abilities and strength.
  • AMRAP: as many repetitions as possible is where you have a set amount of time to do as many repetitions of the prescribed exercises as you can.
  • EMOM: every minute on the minute is where you have to perform a set of prescribed exercises every minute, while the clock is running. RFT- rounds for time is where you have to complete X rounds of a prescribed set of exercises as fast as you can.
  • RM: repetition maximum is the maximum weight you can lift in a certain movement, for the prescribed number of repetitions.
  • PR: personal record is the maximum weight you’ve been able to lift, a benchmark workout you’ve finished faster than ever before or a maximum number of unbroken repetitions.
  • The CrossFit games: an athletic competition in which the top 40 men and women from around the world compete over three days to become The Fittest Man and Fittest Woman on Earth.

12. Nobody cares about where you start from. This is a very inclusive community that welcomes all skill levels, abilities and body types.

13. It’s impossible to judge how an athlete will perform by looking at them. I was shocked at how many different shapes and sizes I saw, and how it meant absolutely nothing in terms of abilities.

14. CrossFitter don’t seem to like clothes. They wear as few as they can comfortably get away with.

15. They have quick attention spans and love variety. The workouts are constantly varied, sometimes not repeating themselves for months at a time. If you love the best attributes often associated with ADD, these are your people.

16. They adore competition and use it as a healthy motivator. We live in a competitive society and there are people who do best when pitted against other’s who are at their level or better.

17. CrossFit teaches that mental strength is just as important as physical strength. There is lots of talk surrounding “getting out of your head” and pushing yourself mentally.

18. My work out is their warm-up. I’m not even joking. The way these people push themselves is crazy cool.

19. CrossFitters are super good at strategizing. So much of what’s going on comes down to an athlete’s ability to pace themselves, push where it makes a difference and start at a pace that is sustainable. The strongest person is no better than the person with the most endurance, until they learn their own strength/weakness profile and establish a game plan that is customized. It’s like chess for GI-Joe!

20. I met so many confident, smart, funny, driven, high energy, high quality individuals that are focused on living a healthy lifestyle. Leading me to believe that the CrossFit community is actually pretty rad.


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