Need to Chill? Try Yoga for Anxiety

yoga for anxiety

Need to chill out? Forget the yoga classes with goats and beer. Try yoga for anxiety. Here are 5 poses that work!

8 Tips for Traveling with Anxiety

tips for traveling with Anxiety

Don’t let stress stop you from living your dreams. Just follow these 8 tips for traveling with anxiety and go on that amazing vacation.

What You Need To Know If You Love A Woman with Anxiety


Living with someone with anxiety is challenging. Check out these 9 tips for loving and supporting a woman living with an anxiety disorder.

Sexy, Strange & Surprising Ways to Reduce Stress

From getting sexy to bathing in beer, we put together a surprising list of research-backed ways to reduce stress and anxiety.

Hang Gliding With Panic Disorder

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From regaining the ability to drive to hang gliding—how I made peace with panic disorder and learned to fly.