6 Zip Line Tours for Your 2020 Girls Getaway

zip line tour, girls getaway, new year 2020

Zip Line Tours for Your Next Girls Getaway

With the New Year 2020 on the the horizon, it’s time to start planning next years girls getaway. Nothing brings women together like an adrenaline pumping adventure. And while your group of friends may have varying degrees of interest and skill level when it come to activities like rock climbing and sky diving, zip line tours offer a sight seeing adventure that most everyone in your crew can get on board with.

Here’s the good news, regardless of where you are considering going for your next girls getaway, it’s likely that there are zip line tours nearby promising heart-pumping fun and an opportunity to get a birds-eye view of the area. Zip lining is an activity well worth adding to your vacation itinerary.

If you are still trying to decide on your 2020 girls getaway destination, consider the following locations, and signing up for their awesome zip line tours: 

zip line tours, girls getaway, new year 2020
photo: Lyn V. Yelp

Durango, Colorado

Soaring Tree Top Adventures Zip Line Tour

Level up the adventure on your 2020 girls getaway with 27 zip lines and 34-treetop platforms that take daredevils on an Eco-friendly adventure over the San Juan Mountains. The tour begin with a train ride on the historic Durango & Silverton “Narrow Gauge” Railroad, then your crew soars through aspen groves, dine in the branches of an old-growth forest, crisscross the white waters of the Animas River to the end.

Ages: 4-94
Weight: 50 lbs-265 lbs (If below or above, call to discuss)

zip line tours, girls getaway, New Year 2020

Warrenton, Oregon

Highlife Zip Line Adventures Zip Line Tour

This zip line course gives you a taste of the rugged beauty that defines the Pacific Northwest. Located just outside Astoria Oregon on David and Lancey Larson’s 30 acres of wooded property, you and your girl crew can enjoy flying over ponds, a seven-acre. Each zip gets gradually faster and longer to ease the more timid along. And the zip guides are great with with more timid adventureres and make sure to keep the experience light, fun and extra exhilarating for your girls getaway.

Weight: 60 lbs and up ride alone; 45 – 60lbs can ride tandem 

zip line tours, girls getaway, new year 2020
photo: Miyoshi M. vial yelp

Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

Vallarta Adventures Zip Line Tour

This zip line experience is guaranteed to make your girls getaway truly unforgettable. Get ready for a full day of pushing your limits as you repel from treetop platforms, climb a 50ft high net, go off-roading through the mud, and soar like Super Man through a tropical jungle. The day ends with a splash on a ride down a hillside water slide.

Ages: 8 and up
Minimum Height: 4 ft.
Maximum Weight: 260 lbs

zip line tours, girls getaway, new year 2020

Labadee, Haiti (Royal Caribbean)

Dragon’s Breath Flight Line Zip Line Tour

This zip line accompanies your dream girls getaway. Along with a zip line on the ship, you and your gal pals can take in the white sand beaches of Labadee from 500 feet in the air. Beginners first get their bearings on the baby dragon and then race side-by-side at up to 50 mph while enjoying the coast range from above.

Minimum Height: 4 ft
Maximum Weight: 275 lbs

zip line tours, girls getaway, new year 2020
photo: Catalina Zip Line Eco Tour Yelp

Catalina Island, California

Catalina Island Zip Line Eco Tour

88 percent of Catalina Island is protected by the Catalina Island Conservancy. There are few ways to see the Descanso Canyon, but one of the best is by zip line. This tour takes you on five zips that that gives you a breathtaking bird’s eye view of the untouched landscape. Along the way, the guides offer mini-lessons on the wildlife and history of the area.

Ages: 5 and up.
Weight: Children under 80 lbs must ride tandem

Louisville, Kentucky

Louisville Mega Cavern
Entirely underground, this tour takes the brave explorers on your girls getaway on a journey through one of the largest caverns in the United States via six zip lines and two challenge bridges. Participants race through the dark while learning about the area’s geology and history.

Ages: 7 years and up
Minimum Weight: 55 lbs
Maximum Weight: 285 lbs

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