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All of our columns are written by female columnists interested in sharing their knowledge, adventures, and opinions with the SEL readership. Columns are weekly and bimonthly.

Anna Arroyo, Lesbian, Gay woman

Definitely Gay: Anna Arroyo is a 30-something year-old lesbian living and working in Portland; and she has a whole lot to say about the state of the world today and navigating life as a girl who is definitely gay.

Phenomenal Black Women: These are the stories of the Black women who are making the world better for all of us every single day.

Not Your Virgin Mary by Mary Jane. Not your virgin mary is a column about sexual exploration with a religious background. Fundamentalist Christianity to be exact. Mary Jane or MJ for short is no longer a virgin (in the penis-in-vagina sense). She grew up very religious but discovered her sexuality when she came to NYC for grad school. Now she’s navigating NYC in her 20s, sexual adventures and all. More about Mary Jane at @notyourvirginmaryjane on Insta and

dede johnson columns

Living Out Loud by Dede Johnson: Avid hiker and solo traveler Dede Johnson shares her observations, reflections, experiences and lessons learned with readers as well as her tips on how to live with Gratitude, Humor, Compassion and Curiosity. More about Dede at Insta @dedeshikinglife

She Explores Life Themme FatalColum writer Jae Barlow

Themme Fatale: Want to learn how to bring pleasure to that non-binary person you just left the bar with or even just how to interact with that seductive they you’re fairly certain could lure you to your demise with just one glance? Themme Fatale is written for people who want to learn how to navigate life with a trans or non-binary person and finally figure out how to tempt the temptress. Written by a trans-non-binary bisexual therapist, Themme Fatale is the non-binary brainchild of Jae Barlow (they/them) birthed in an attempt to shed some light in an honest and upfront way on being non-binary in a binary world. 

Locker Room Talk Annette Benedetti brings you fun/much-needed content: Women get real about sex…really real. These aren’t the topics you’ll hear discussed in the powder rooms. No…get ready to find out what the ladies have to say in the Locker Room.


Heauxly Coitus: Ms. Heauxly Coitus shares salacious stories from her current “heaux” (pronounced ‘hoe’) phase and lessons learned. Keep up with stories bi-monthly. ~To be a heaux is to engage in consensual sex or no sex at all, be kind to yourself and partner(s), creative, fully embodied, unapologetic, powerful, and free. For Heauxly Coitus Podcast: Instagram: @heauxlycoitus .

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Bisexuality in Reality: She’s just a bisexual girl dating in a gay/straight world. At the age of 46 writer Annette Benedetti shares her journey as she explores the dating as an openly bisexual woman in her mid-forties. You can follow Annette on Instagram or catch more of her stories here.

Real Talk with Ruby: Real Talk with Ruby is no trip down that river running through Egypt ( You know “de Nile ;-)” ), it’s a no holds barred approach to real life issues. Whether it’s advice, reviews, or personal growth, you can count on Ruby giving you the raw truth–whether you are ready to hear it or not.

Kate Warrington, OCD

Overthinking Everything: Overthinking Everything is not a column offering how-to advice, or really any advice for that matter. As a twenty-something woman acutely aware (maybe too much) of how little she knows about life, sex, relationships, and even her own body, Kate Warrington brings us into her chronic state of overthinking to explore difficult, and sometimes laughable, questions about what it means to be a woman navigating her way through coming of age. Follow Kate on Instagram and Twitter @warrington_kate and on Medium.