Puppy Mama Ambassadors Share Their Thoughts on the Best Things to Do with Your Dog While Exploring Life

From hiking to kayaking, women in the Puppy Mama community are exploring life to the fullest and come up with the best things to do with your dog, while adventuring with their four legged best friends.

Read on to learn 5 tips on the best things to do with your dog, and stories from members of our pack:

things to do with dogs
Credit: Nadin with her husband and Clyde @clydeisthedood

Go to a Yappy Hour!

“Finding a bar that allows you to bring your furry BFF is like striking gold. Unfortunately, bars with yappy hours are few and far between. And, since your dog may be unfamiliar with the scene, it could easily become a tricky situation. At first, it sounds extremely exciting, but the potential of infinite pets and all the smells could make your dog uncontrollably excited. 

One of the first times my husband and I went to a yappy hour with Clyde, he jumped on the table! It was so embarrassing, but luckily everyone cheered him on and he was so proud of himself that it made the situation much more tolerable. Mostly, Clyde was trying to go up to every single person to get pets and/or food. It was hard for us to enjoy ourselves because he would not sit still! 

My husband and I learned quickly after that experience to essentially pack a ‘diaper bag’ next time we went to yappy hour with him. That meant, bring a few treats and also your own portable water bottle. Most of these places have water bowls, but they may be limited in number and you could be sharing with other dogs who are protective. It’s safer to bring your own portable water bottle.

We have one similar to this from Amazon, and it’s amazing!  After a few yappy hours, we’re basically pros now! All we have to do is offer Clyde treats every so often and ask him to ‘sit or go ‘down’ near us and he’ll stay, because he knows if he does, he’ll continue to get treats, and Clyde is VERY food driven. Of course he still wants to say ‘hello’ to some folks as they walk by, but overall it’s much easier now that we bring the ‘diaper bag.’ If your dog has a favorite toy, I would suggest bringing that too–whatever will keep your dog distracted enough to stay by you and not want to walk away every few seconds.

Once you get the formula down pact, going to yappy hour with your best ‘furiend’ is AWESOME! You might even get lucky and find a place that serves ‘dog beer’ or let’s you host a birthday pawty for your dog! We’ve been to several happy hour pawties and it’s always blast!” –Puppy Mama Ambassador Nadin in Westchester, NY @clydeisthedood

things to do with dogs

Hike and Explore Nature

“Hiking with your dog is a real bonding experience. Besides enjoying the nature, you can work on team building activities like crossing a bridge or hiking to a vista. Get into nature, and start to trust each other!” –Puppy Mama Ambassador, Anna in Austria @friedathedoodle

things to do with your dog
Credit: Katherine and McLuvin’ @Mcluvinit__

Head to a “Pups at the Park!”

“We had an amazing time at the Dodgers ‘Pups at the Park’ event, which usually happens once every Spring. This event is a great way to enjoy the game with your furry ‘furriend’ and support your team! We love attending because the Dodgers also donate portions of the proceeds to a Rescue Foundation, and all pups get situated in a section where there’s free food and drinks for the ‘hoomans!’ They also participate in a parade around the field and get goody bags from the sponsors. The LA Dodgers are not the only ones; there are other MLB teams offering similar events in other cities to support other organizations.

It’s such an amazing experience to be able to take my pup to watch the game and be with other dog owners! And, our favorite part was the parade on the field! It was my first time being on the field and it was so awesome that my puppy was there with me!” -Puppy Mama Ambassador Katherine, in Huntington Beach, CA @Mcluvinit__

Things to do with your dog
Credit:  Posh @Eminicole_xo

Go on a Road Trip Across the U.S.

“Posh is a unique gal. Her dad and I (now engaged) have given her a full life since we brought her home. Her dad is in the Airforce Reserves and I am in the Buying Industry, so it’s no secret that we love to travel! Posh’s first trip was to Nashville at 12 weeks old. We try to take her on as many of our trips as possible–she loves smelling the new air in a new state or place.

When Sam got back from deployment a few months ago, we took a month long trip across the U.S. We debated taking her, but she was so happy that we did. It’s a great way for your dog to meet new people and ‘fur friends.’ Believe it or not, Posh knows when we are about to travel and she absolutely loves it. She loves seeing and experiencing new cities almost as much as her dad and me (her favorite is the smell of sand at the beach).

We recently got engaged at the Grand Canyon. She was with us and it couldn’t have been more perfect. If you want your dog to live a full life, give them a full life. Posh will be a gypsy soul forever.” –Puppy Mama Ambassador Emily in Charlotte, NC @Emnicole_xo

things to do with your dog
Credit: Francesca & Benny @somebennylovesyou

Get that Vista Photo!

“Benny and I ventured to the top of Mount Washington, which is the highest peak of the northeastern United States at 6,288.2 ft.! The views were unbelievable.

Benny stuck his head out of the car window the whole car ride up, and I made sure to pick him up when we got to the top so that he could see them as well! I felt as though he was in just as much awe as I was. I love traveling and making memories with Benny, and I’m so happy that he got to experience this with me.”  –Puppy Mama Ambassador Francesca Sperl in Richmond, Rhode Island  @somebennylovesyou

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