Quit Victoria’s Secret & Shop These 6 Lingerie Brands

My Letter to Victoria’s Secret

This is the letter I want to write to Victoria Secret:

Dear Victoria’s Secret,

Fuck off.


Annette Benedetti

Simple and to the point. Why waste words on a garbage company that built an empire with a foundation that depends on the survival of misogyny and sexism? ThirdLove said it best in a letter published in New York Times to Victoria’s Secret’s Chief Marketing Officer, Ed Razek, “You market to men and sell a male fantasy to women…it’s time to stop telling women what makes them sexy — let us decide. ” 

The letter was written in response to Razek’s recent transphobic and fatphobic comments made to Vogue during an interview that drew an instant angry response from…well…everyone who values women and inclusivity. But to be honest, his comments were just the nail in the coffin for me.

Victoria’s Secret built its success off of peddling unrealistic beauty standards to the masses and then upped its efforts with its PINK line, which was designed to draw young girls in—much like a pedophile.

Forget functional, if the company had its way, no young girl or adult woman would dare think about putting on a pair of underwear or a bra without making sure it was sexy first.

So, in my strong opinion, it’s time for women to tell Victoria’s Secret to take its cheap lingerie and tacky perfumes and fuck off.

6 Awesome Alternatives to Victoria’s Secret

If you are ready to turn your back on VS, but aren’t sure where to turn for your next panty purchase, we’ve got you covered. The following are 6 underwear and lingerie businesses that are owned and run by women and believe in inclusivity and the empowerment of all women:

Alternatives to Victoria's Secret
photo: via ThirdLove fb


Let’s start with the organization that stood up to VS. Launched in 2013, this awesome company is credited with the invention of the half-cup size (Yay!). Along with filling their website with images of women of all sizes, they make functional, comfortable, and beautiful underwear, bras, loungewear and nightwear that offers an easy fit for every woman.  Hate going to the store to try on bras? ThirdLove has a mobile app that allows you to size yourself at home. What’s not to love about this company?


Alternatives to Victoria Secret
photo: via Lonely fb


“For women who wear lingerie as a love letter to themselves” -Helene Morris, Lonely Designer.

A tagline we couldn’t resist. This New Zealand-based company is bent on fostering a sense of positive body image in those who wear its product. Casting off traditional marketing practices, Lonely leans on the Lonely Girls Project which is a journal featuring women from all over the world donning items from Loney.

Lonely sells lingerie, swimwear, clothing, and even fragrances. You never have to step foot in a gaudy VS store again!


Alternatives to Victoria's secret
photo: via Neon Moon fb

Neon Moon

The women at Neon Moon ask, “Isn’t it fucked up how annd industry that exists for women, isn’t actually for women?”

Why yes it is, Neon Moon!

“We’re taking a stand against this bullshit by making high-quality lingerie for all women.”

We are in!

This inclusive brand sells itself on the tagline “by badass women, for badass women,” and their products reflect their conviction. Just a quick scroll through the Knicker section of their website reveals models with all body types and cultural backgrounds, and tons of cool and comfortable looking pieces. Along with bras and knickers, they sell t-shirts and tote bags.


Alternatives to Victoria's secret
photo: via True & Co fb

True & Co:

This company boasts a community of women determined to make bras that women love, and they are succeeding. With comfort as a focal point, True&Co launched their True Body Collection, which features wire-free bras with a smooth, sleek fit and all the support a woman could ask for. Made out of soft, stretchy material, many of the items offer extra coverage without leaving lines under your clothing.

Cool True&Co fact: products and improvements are based on the feedback of millions of women.


Alternative to Victoria's Secret
photo: via Knix fb


The creators of Knix have one goal, and one goal only: to make every woman feel more comfortable in their own skin. Who couldn’t get on board with that? In an effort to make their products delightful to wear, they’ve focused their efforts on creating wire-free bras and what they call functional underwear. Women who wear their products get to enjoy a chafe-free, seamless experience while sporting some pretty cool looking intimate wear. Don’t forget to check out their leakproof underwear for your period. They promise a worry-free week for every woman who wears them.


Alternative to Victoria's Secret
photo: via Tomboy X fb

Tomboy X:

Let’s face it— most lingerie and intimate apparel companies base their designs on outdated definitions of what it means to be feminine or masculine. It’s fair to say that many people are fluid in their sexuality and the modern woman may feel feminine in a dress one day and super sexy in a ribbed tank top and jeans the next. We need underwear that’s as flexible as our sensuality. Enter Tomboy X. This awesome company has created underwear and bra designs that are comfortable, cool and perfect for your tomboy days (especially if you have them every day.) We LOVE their bralettes and boy shorts. But you really can’t go wrong with any of their items.


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  • Hello, I was so excited when I saw the title of this article but I was a little disappointed at the lack of inclusivity in sizes of these brands. Particularly with cup sized bras, the highest they go up to is a G cup (UK or I cup US) and all assume that large cup size = large back size. As a UK size 32J (32M us) which is not an uncommon size, I would love to see cute and comfortable underwear like this available to more than just very slim or small busted women.

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