A Woman’s Guide to Understanding Spirits


Are you curious about spirits and the spirit world? Do you think you’ve seen spirits? Then check out this guide to understanding them.

A Woman, Her Dog & the Pacific Crest Trail

Pacific Crest Trail

Follow the adventures of a woman and her dog as they brave grizzly bears, menstruation, rain and thirst on the Pacific Crest Trail.

Your Stories. Your Voice. Contribute


We believe every woman has an important story to tell. Tell your story in your voice. Bold. Raw. Authentic. Write for us.

Finding Hope in Music: A Journey Through Autism


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6 Familiar Tips for Men: Avoid Accusations of Sexual Assault

Sexual Assault

We’ve come up with some tips men can follow to avoid being accused of sexual assault in the wake of the #Metoo movement.

8 Gifts For Women Who Explore

gifts for women

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We’ll Drink to These 16 Things From 2018

Things to be thankful for

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50 First Dates: Thanksgiving Edition


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Bathing & Body Changes

body changes

This author explores her body’s changes over a lifetime through a series of shower scenes. Bathing has a way of revealing more than expected.

How to Tell Someone to Fuck Off in 20 Different Countries

curse words in spanish

A lesson in language and culture. Curse words are used around the world and women should know how to weild them. We’ve got your guide.