What I Learned From Spending Time at a Nudist Resort

nudist resort

Find out what this woman learned about herself from her time at a nudist resort. Then book your own stay asap.

Nike’s Ad Explains Why The US Women’s Soccer Team Made Us Believe

Nike’s ad paying tribute to the US Women’s Soccer Team gives us all chills. Here’s why we can’t stop watching it.

Women-Friendly Bars in LA

Over Gendered Assumptions at Bars? In a city of nearly four million people, 58 to 75 percent of LA’s population is legally allowed to drink alcohol.1 Half of that population consists of women, so one would assume that bar owners… Continue Reading…

A Mother & Daughter’s Journey through Dementia


A woman shares her journey through her mother’s battle with dementia. This short piece reflects a daughter’s love and devotion to her mother.

Your Girl’s Night In: Best Series to Binge

best series to binge

Your girl’s night in will be everything you want when you stream one of our picks for best series for women. Enjoy!

Hiking with Friends & Strangers

hiking with friends

Hiking with your BFF is the best. But add a stranger to the mix and you might find the experience gets even better.

Women’s Beauty Standards & Buzz Cuts


Find out how our columnist’s journey of self-discovery led her to get a buzz cut and shed all of her beautiful hair.

Friyay! Mantra for Authenticity & Honesty

honesty, Authenticity

Your Friyay! Mantra is designed to empower you through the weekend. This week we are focusing on the badassery of being honest & Authentic.

A Better Man: An Essay About Forgiveness & Healing

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A Better Man. An essay about self-love, forgiveness and a path to healing through writing, dance and self discovery.

Honey Du-ty: How Much Sex is Enough

#Adulting is a column hosted by our contributor Kimieabreak that explores what it means to be a 30-something woman trying to get by in today’s society. It features her personal musings, interviews, and research into navigating various aspects of this stage of… Continue Reading…