Stop Apologizing For Your Wedding Day

wedding day

Ladies, stop appologizing for what you want to have happen on your wedding day. Here are some tips to help you win back control.

How to Make Friends with Loneliness


If you are suffering from feelings of lonleiness, you aren’t along. Read on for ways to connect with others and feel connected.

5 Reasons to Add Travel to Your 2020 To-Do List

2020 is right around the corner. Travel is on your must-do list for the new year. Find out why, you need to start planning your adventures now.

Body Positive Books You’ll Love

body positive books

Everyone is heading-back-to school. You can too with these body positive books for women. Add them to your reading list.

The Girlfriends Guide to Hiking South Sister

south sister

If climbing South Sister in Oregon is on your bucket list of adventures, we’ve got you covered with our girlfriends guide to South Sisters.

A Girls Guide to the Benefits of an RV Vacation


Find out why so many women are choosing RV Vacations for their girlfriend getaways. We’ve got your girls guide to the benefits.

A Girl’s Guide to the Best Apps for Friends

best apps for friends

Your relationship with your girlfriends is important. Don’t have time to meet in person everyday? Here are the best apps for friends.

Winter Hiking Tips for Women

winter hike

Don’t let cold weather keep you from getting out and enjoying nature. Hit the trails with these winter hiking tips for women.

Fri-Yay! Mantra: 20 Habits Women Who Know Their Worth Practice

women who know their worth

Happy Friyay! Head into your weekend with a little extra inspiration. Find out what habits women who know their worth are doing on the daily.

Locker Room Talk: Sex On The First Date?

sex on the first date

Is having sex on the first date ok? Find out what the ladies in the locker room are saying about whether or not you should.