She Guides: Emily Johnston

Emily Johston

She Guides is a regular column that shines a spotlight on female trailblazers in the travel, adventure and exploration space. It is an opportunity to share their life stories, work and goals as well as the priceless advice they have… Continue Reading…

29 Inspirational Quotes for Women by Women

Inspiring quotes for women

Let these inspirational quotes for women, by women, give you the motivation you need to dive into the adventures calling to you.

A Guide to Crater Lake: Your Dream Girls Getaway

crater lake lodge

Is Crater Lake on your list of magical destinations for a girlfrends getaway? Our guide has everything you need to know.

Botfly: A Girl’s Guide to Surviving Parasites

Ever wondered what a botfly is and does? Find out how this author learned about the botfly through personal experience and a crazy adventure.

Follow Her Check-In #1: Carson Poplin & the Camino de Santiago

Alto de perdon

Historian Carson Poplin shares her experience along the first stretch of the Camino de Santiago. Follow her on her pilgrimage.

A Woman’s Guide to Quito: The Short Stay


Is Quito on your bucket list? You are in luck, we wrote a woman’s guide to the area complete with everything you need to know.

My Experience with a Budget Chinese Airline

Budget Chinese Airlines

Find out what happens when this woman gives into the lure of budget Chinese Airlines. Her story is a lesson in, “you get what you pay for.”

20 Things We Need to Stop Saying To Women Who Travel

women who travel

20 things we need to stop saying to women who travel, why we say what we do and what we should say to them instead.

Women Who Hike: Exploring Mt. Mount Ellinor, WA

Find out what happens when you take a chance and hike Mt. Ellinor with a group women in their forties your’ve never met before!

Mom to Mom: I Support Your Unrealistic #Vanlife Fantasy


Think #vanlife is out of your reach now that you’re a mom? This mom doesn’t. Find out why she thinks you should buy that camper van now.