Zipline Tours You Can Go On Now!

zip line tour, girls getaway, new year 2020

Kick the cabin fever with one of these zipline tours that are perfect for a socially distanced girls getaway.

Product Review: The FLEX Disk & Period Sex

Sex, FLEX Disk

Your period doesn’t have to put your sex life on pause. Read our review of the FLEX Disk. Can you really have no-mess sex?

COVID-19: When to Seek Help


COVID-19 is hitting women hard. How do you know if you are struggling mentally or emotionally and in need of real help? Read on to find out.

Black Lives Matter Reading List an Overview

black lives matter

Looking for a reading list to help you understand and support the Black Lives Matter movement better. We’ve got your starter list here.

Your Guide Self-Love

Find out you can manifest more self-love and improve every relationship in your life. Happy Valentine’s Day

COVID-19 & the Importance of Solo Hikes

solo hikes

Once a form of recreation dominated by men, solo hikes are now being done by women. Here are some of the shocking reasons why.

Book Review: How to Be an Antiracist

How to be and antiracist, book review

Looking for a book to help you navigate these difficult time? Check out Meilee Anderson’s review of How to be an Antiracist.

Book Review: White Fragility

White Fragility, Book Review

If you are struggling with how to talk about racism, White Fragility may be the book for you. Reed book reviewer, Meilee Anderson’s review here.

9 Bucket List Hiking Trails for Women in Europe

meteora greece, Hikes for women

Now is the time to plan for that epic hiking trip with your best girlfriends. Stay close to home, or travel globally for these epic hikes for women!

Book Review: Love, Life & Lucille

Love, Life & Lucille

If you are looking for a book that will warm your heart, Love Life & Lucille is it! Book Review by Book Reviewer Meilee Anderson