A Guide to The Best Gifts for Women

gifts for women

Your SEL 2019 Gift Guide for Badass Babes!

We can hardly believe that the holiday season is right around the corner! What are you getting the special women in your life this year?! As a women owned and operated company with a platform dedication to women, we felt it was our sacred responsibility to help you find the perfect gift for your favorite female! We’ve put together a gift guide packed with awesome gifts for women that is guaranteed to have you looking way better than Santa this season!

We know, we know. You are getting bombarded with gift guides right now. You’ve likely seen a multitude of articles boasting that they hold the answer to all of your holiday woes. With headlines that read, Gifts Women Actually Want, and The Best Gifts for Women in 2019 you’ve undoubtedly been lured into clicking through galleries packed with the same stuff you saw last year. So it makes sense that you might be hesitant when we tell you that we have actually pulled together the best gifts for the gals on your holiday shopping list.

Well, we have. We have actually done it. And we didn’t just come up with the items in our gift guide for women by scrolling through the net. We talked to real women, we pulled from personal experience, and we even sought the help of our own tech-savvy teen daughters to come up with our lists of best gifts for teen girls.

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Knowing that the holiday season is already stressful enough for our readers, we decided to break our gift ideas for females into categories so you can skip items that don’t fit your shopping needs.

Do you have a woman in your life who loves booze? Great! We have gifts ideas for her. If you’re a mom with older kids, we’ve put together a list of gifts for teen girls. We even have some ideas for book lovers!

Look, we know it’s still early in the shopping season, so here’s the best news of all: we aren’t done! That’s right, we will continue adding to this guide right up to the last minute of the season. Here at She Explores Life, we know how important getting those extra-special gifts for those extra-special women in your life is. Whether you’re shopping for your mom, wife, girlfriend, daughter, best friend, niece, sister, granny, or favorite coworker, we’ve totally got you covered. Unless you’re shopping for Karen, in which case, move along, that troll deserves coal.

gifts for women, active women, running

Gifts for Women Who Are Active

So let’s kick this off with gift ideas for some of our most admired ladies: active women! To put together the perfect gift guide for active women, we’ve talked to some of our favorite sporty chicks and asked them what presents they really want this year. The following are crowd pleasers for your buff babe!

apple watch, gifts for women
Apple Watch

There are so many amazing features that the Apple Watch helps active women conquer. This little baby tracks your steps, heart rate, breathing, caloric intake and birthday of your first born. What else could a busy babe ask for?!

Find it: Apple.com

Self cleaning water bottle LARQ, gifts for women
LARQ: Self-Cleaning Water Bottle

Active ladies love water bottles but hate the hassle of cleaning them! That's why this product made it on our gift list for active women. The geniuses that came up with an attractive water bottle that requires so cleaning makes us jump for joy!

Find it: livelarq.com

JerkFit WODies Weightlifing Gloves, gifts for active women
JerkFit WODies Weightlifting Gloves

Women who lift will love these Wodies Workout Gloves. With wrist support, plus full palm protection to prevent calluses during weightlifting and pull ups, a variety of colors and sizes, these are a must have

Find it: amazon.com

bombas, performance socks, active women
Bombas Performance Running Ankle Sock

Finding a sock that doesn’t slip, is cushioning, and cute is asking a lot, these guys tick all the boxes and are a great gift for your on the move love.

Find it: bombas.com

women's escalante racer running shoes, gifts for women, running
Altra Escalante Road-Running Shoes: The All-Around Perfect Running Shoe

We absolutely love Altra, a brand that is designed with women in mind! It boasts a wider toe bed and zero drop technology that really make them worth every penny. These running shoes are an awesome gift for women who like to stay active.

Find it: altra.com

foam roller, gift for active women
A Foam Roller She Can Travel With: TriggerPoint GRID Mini Foam Roller

This little sweetie is the cutest companion for your active gal who travels. Having the ability to roll out all the kinks from traveling makes this a perfect companion!

Find it: amazon.com

Tumi Just in Case Tote, gifts for women, gym bag

Tumi Voyageur Nylon Tote

This bag is so pretty she won’t feel a need to swap out bags for the day. It has great storage space, and super convenient pockets for all the things she needs for her work out and day. If you want to make your active woman's life easy, put this on her gift list.

Find it: tumi.com


fitbit inspire, gifts for women, active, running
Fitbit Inspire

If you love an active woman, she will love this Fitbit as her main holiday gift. It has all the features that we love about Fitbit but in a super sexy sleek makeover!

Find it: fitbit.com

lululemon speed up tight, gifts for women
The Perfect Running Tight

Just the title hints at, these are in fact the perfect running tights! They wear well, wash well and have lasted for years! Bonus: they are made by the beloved Lululemon! Make sure they are on your list for gifts for active women.

Find it: shop.lululemon.com

saucony peregrine ice trail running shoes, gifts for women, running
Saucony Women's Peregrine 8 ICE Trail Running Shoes

Do you have a woman in your life who loves to run year round? We love the way these shoes grip the ground! If you love a die hard runner who continues her sport during winter, these are a must! Put them at the top of your list of gifts for women who love adventure.

Find it: rei.com


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