Friyay! Mantra for Authenticity & Honesty

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Being honest isn’t bitchy. It’s badass!

Have you ever found yourself making excuses or giving explanations that weren’t 100 percent accurate, in order to either avoid hurting someone else’s feelings or being at the other end of a consequence that you didn’t want to manage? I mean, don’t we all do this? But did you know that women do it more often than our counterparts?

What I want to know is why? 

I’ve heard it said before many times that women often play to get along, whereas men often pay to win. So what the hell does this have to do with honesty and who cares? 

I’m sure you’ve all noticed a reoccurring theme woven within each of my Friyay! Mantras that really encourage women to step out of fear and into authenticity.

My belief is that if we start paying attention to all of the ways that we are playing small, dissecting the ways in which we are getting in our own way of happiness, explore other options that allow us to be our most powerful selves, and then encourage one another to do so, that we can bring about some badass change within the movement of bridging the gender inequalities that exist. At some point we have to realize, acknowledge, take ownership of, and take steps towards undoing the ways in which programming exists that we buy into and unintentionally perpetuate ourselves. 

This tendency to lie or make up excuses, in order to play nice is a big one. 

Can you imagine what would happen if women actually said what they meant and meant what they said? What would happen if we stopped being so fucking nice all the time, and instead spoke our truth powerfully and authentically? I’m telling you right now it’s going to be scary. People won’t like you. You may be labeled as a bitch, or as outspoken, or even a feminist (damn right!).

You will not be adored by the masses. You want to know the trade-off? You will suddenly find yourself surrounded by people who appreciate you for you and not the fake nice girl you were pretending to be. 

Steps to becoming more authentic and honest

  1. The first step in being more authentic is accepting you for you. When we begin to strip away our fake personas and embrace all the sides our who we are, without judgment it becomes much easier to give others a more authentic version of us. The second step is to stop worrying so much about how others perceive us. Who cares if someone thinks you’re a bitch, wouldn’t you rather speak your truth and walk away feeling good about not compromising or playing small just because someone else couldn’t handle your truth? Which one is nice and which one is a win? 
  2. If you are going to tap into your true potential, you have to set aside that false self and accept your real self, flaws and all. As you do so, you’ll have fewer reasons to lie. And that’s the truth. 

Live your realest, boldest and best life this weekend biatches, without censoring your truth!


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