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She Explores Life Columns

She Explores Life launched Columns on January 1, 2019. New columns will be published throughout the month of January and announced on the SEL FB page. Check the Columns drop-down menu or click on the links below to check in with our columnists as their first articles are launched.

All of our columns are written by female columnists interested in sharing their knowledge, adventures, and opinions with the SEL readership. Columns are weekly and bimonthly.

Featured Columns

kimberly leeman columns

#Adulting by Kimieabreak: Explores what it means to be a 30-something woman trying to get by in today’s society. More about Henlee at Insta @kimieabreak

Ask the Goddess by Melanie Sargent cCHT, CMT, MNLP: Get ready for a progressive sex and relationship advice column that helps readers find the answers they need inside themselves unless, of course, they are dipshits and need to have the “whatfor” smacked into them! She is the Goddess, after all.

dede johnson columns

Living Out Loud by Dede Johnson: Avid hiker and solo traveler Dede Johnson shares her observations, reflections, experiences and lessons learned with readers as well as her tips on how to live with Gratitude, Humor, Compassion and Curiosity. More about Dede at Insta @dedeshikinglife

sports column

Full Contact by Christi “Bonzi” LeMieux: A linewoman in her fifth season of playing tackle football for the Portland Fighting Shockwave writes about women competing professionally in male dominated sports. More about Christi at Insta @mzbonzi

Locker Room Talk Open to contributors: Women get real about sex…really real. These aren’t the topics you’ll hear discussed in the powder rooms. No…get ready to find out what the ladies have to say in the Locker Room.


Sound Mind. Sound Body: Explore various aspects of health and wellness with LA-based personal trainer, Tayler Larson.

In Her Skin by Katt Marie BS, CRM, THM: Learning to Love You, an exploration of the external influences on self-esteem and body image, and how to overcome them. More about Katt on FB.