A Woman’s Guide to Understanding Spirits


Are you curious about spirits and the spirit world? Do you think you’ve seen spirits? Then check out this guide to understanding them.

A Woman’s Guide To Vision Quests

Do you feel lost or stuck and in need of an experience that will help you find forward motion? Here’s your guide to executing a vision quest.

Understanding Archetypes: Why We Sabotage Opportunities & Relationships

Understanding the archetypes. Befriending the saboteur can save you from sabotaging opportunities and relationships, and closing your heart.

Self-Exploration: A Guide to Essential Oils & Meditation

Essential Oils

Enhance your self-exploration through meditation with essential oils. Read on for the complete guide on how to get started.

Going Into Silence: A Silent Retreat

It was a silent retreat for me, after all. But, in the end, this unexpected insight into humanity (my own as well as that of those around me) became one of the most important lessons I have ever been taught.