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National Women’s History Month: Gloria Steinem 101

For National Women’s History Month, we are getting to know Gloria Steinem better. Find out what this shero has done to promote equality.

Ruth Nolan: Life as a Female Firefighter & California’s Wildland Fires

Writer & Editor Ruth Nolan shares stories from her days as one of the few female firefighters battling California’s wildfires, and how they inspired her current work.

Q&A With Actress Kimberly Leemans

Actress Kimberly Leemans shares the scoop on her new SyFy show, a project she is launching with her partner and advice for aspiring actresses.

Words to Live By: Maya Angelou Quotes

Maya Angelou’s work and wisdom is well known. May the following Maya Angelou quotes help lift and guide you along your own path.

Lunette: Improving The World One Menstrual Cup At A Time

menstrual Cups

A Q&A with Cathy Chapman, Lunette Menstrual Cup’s President of North America, reveals how the company is smashing taboos and improving the world and women’s lives.

An Inside Look at Playing Women’s Football

Women’s Football Through The Eyes of a Portland Fighting Shockwave Linewoman I’m not a violent person, I just like to tackle people. Fortunately, it’s legal when you play women’s football for the Portland Fighting Shockwave. My name is Christi, but… Continue Reading…

6 Things We Need to Stop Saying About Women Running for President

If you’ve found yourself saying these 6 things about any of the women running for president in 2020, it’s time to stop.

The Woman Behind Nanda Journeys


Nicola Balmain is the founder of Nanda Journeys—a unique travel company that recently launched an incredible all-women’s empowerment experience. This is her story.

Lisa’s Pies: She Beat Cancer & Now She Sells the Sweet Flavor of Success

Find out how Lisa Sparks beat the odds with cancer and in business, and now serves up the sweet taste of success at her pie shop.

Celebrating Women Veterans On Veterans Day

Celebrating women veterans on Veterans Day. Find out who some of the U.S. Military female trailblazers were as we acknowledge and thank them.