A Woman & The Wild: Messy and Relentless Grief

The Wild

A moving story about messy, relentless grief and how the wild can save you. Join the author as she learns how to ignite her own light.

My Summer in Holden Mine: A Poetic Journal

Holden Mine

Excerpts from a poetic journal that came out of a summer spent working in Holden Mine—a long-abandoned copper mine in Washington.

Hawaiian Pidgin: Self-Acceptance & My Native Tongue

While researching Hawaiian Pidgin, author Cathy Reed makes unexpected, life-changing discoveries that force her to explore her past.

My Experience with a Budget Chinese Airline

Budget Chinese Airlines

Find out what happens when this woman gives into the lure of budget Chinese Airlines. Her story is a lesson in, “you get what you pay for.”

Scattering Ashes: A Letter to my Dear Departed Mother

scattering Ashes

An open letter written from a daughter to her departed mother, as travels to all of the special spots around the world scattering her ashes.

To Working Women Who Play on Labor Day Weekend

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An Open letter on Labor Day to our tribe of women workers & adventurers who have the courage to claim their voice and space as authorities in the travel & adventure industries.

Going Into Silence: A Silent Retreat

It was a silent retreat for me, after all. But, in the end, this unexpected insight into humanity (my own as well as that of those around me) became one of the most important lessons I have ever been taught.