Sexy, Strange & Surprising Ways to Reduce Stress

From getting sexy to bathing in beer, we put together a surprising list of research-backed ways to reduce stress and anxiety.

6 Tips to Increase Morning Motivation

Morning Motivation

You only have a short window of time to set yourself up for success each day. Follow these 6 tips to increase your morning motivation.

Tayler’s Story: Finding Self-Love Despite Body Issues


Now a personal trainer in LA, Tayler Larson shares her personal struggle with body issues, and what she learned about unconditional self-love.

Hang Gliding With Panic Disorder

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From regaining the ability to drive to hang gliding—how I made peace with panic disorder and learned to fly.

Land Leeches: A Girl’s Guide to Surviving Parasites

Land Leaches

First, there was the La Nigua, then the Bot Fly, now we’ve put together the girl’s guide to surviving the Land Leech.

8 Tips for Traveling with Anxiety

Traveling with Anxiety

Going on your dream vacation is possible. Don’t let stress stop you. Just follow these 8 tips for traveling with anxiety.

Botfly: A Girl’s Guide to Surviving Parasites

Ever wondered what a botfly is and does? Find out how this author learned about the botfly through personal experience and a crazy adventure.

A Girl’s Guide to Surviving the Parasites of South America: La Nigua

parasites of south america

She Explores Life’s Executive Editor Lisa Riley shares insights into the parasites of South America from her own personal experiences.

Self-Exploration: A Guide to Essential Oils & Meditation

Essential Oils

Enhance your self-exploration through meditation with essential oils. Read on for the complete guide on how to get started.