A Quick Guide to Eco-Friendly Periods

eco-friendly periods

Save money and mother earth with this guide to Eco-friendly periods. Learn all about reusable, Eco-friendly period products and more.

Beyond the Hype: Fitness Goals That Bring You Joy

Fitness Goals

I’m here to tell you, maintenance is a completely acceptable fitness goal, especially if you have already put in work to strengthen and mobilize your body over time.

Your Guide Self-Love

Find out you can manifest more self-love and improve every relationship in your life. Happy Valentine’s Day

Ask the Goddess: Safe Sex

Safe Sex

The Goddess answers questions and shares helpful, important tips on how women can enjoy a lot of fun AND safe sex.

7 Ways to Burn 100 + Calories Without Working Out

You don’t have to join a gym, studio, or box to get fit. We’ve found the best ways to burn calories without working out.

Are You Body Positive?

Body Positive

Find out what being body positive really means, and take away 8 quick tips for educating others.

5 Tips For Women Who Want To Explore Hot Yoga

hot yoga

If you’re thinking about exploring hot yoga, you’ll want to read up on these 5 tips first. Then get ready to sweat hard.

What You Need To Know If You Love A Woman with Anxiety


Living with someone with anxiety is challenging. Check out these 9 tips for loving and supporting a woman living with an anxiety disorder.

Post-Christmas Self-Talk: A Kinder Conversation


Is your post-Christmas self-talk taking a toll on your self-esteem? Change your inner dialogue before you make your New Year’s resolutions.

8 Ways to Make the Holidays Merry

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays

Stop filling your friend’s social feed with complaints about the holidays. Here are 8 tips for making Christmas extra merry.