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Quarantine Morning Martini Recipe

morning martini, quarantine, covid-19

Good morning! Yes, you are still living through the coronavirus pandemic. Raise a glass and and start your day with this morning martini.

Wine Bars Worth Traveling For

Wine Bars Perfect for Your Next Girlfriends Getaway If you and your best girlfriends are struggling with where to go for your next girls getaway, why not plan your travels around one of your favorite things to do together: drink… Continue Reading…

Erotic Shots & Cocktail Recipes: What to Drink When You Want to Get Laid

You’ve got a hot date tonight and you’d like to get sexy. These erotic shot and cocktail recipes are sure to impress.

Fast, Fall Dinner Recipes

Beat the daylight savings blues with these fast fall dinner recipes. They’ll warm you up and make the cold, dreary months seem warm and cozy.

Women-Friendly Bars in LA

Over Gendered Assumptions at Bars? In a city of nearly four million people, 58 to 75 percent of LA’s population is legally allowed to drink alcohol.1 Half of that population consists of women, so one would assume that bar owners… Continue Reading…

Why (and Where) Women Should Pub Crawl in Colorado Springs

pub crawl

A pub crawl is a fantastic way to explore a new city. Turns out, Colorado Springs is perfect for a women’s pub crawl. Here’s why.

Winter Soup Recipes for Snopocalypse

These four easy winter soup recipes will melt your ice, cold heart and help get you through to spring. Grab your bowl and get ready.

13 Tips: How to Eat Vegan While Traveling

New to Veganism? The following 13 tips will help you eat vegan while on the road, over seas or adventuring almost anywhere.

A Guide to Denver Restaurants: Dining on $35 Per Diem

Denver Restaurants

If you are traveling to, visiting or working in Denver on a dime, we’ve got put together a guide to Denver restaurants that will satisfy without breaking the bank.