Hot Gifts for Women Who Love Sex

Sexy Gifts For Women Who Love to Bang

The holiday season can be especially stressful for women who are responsible for hosting guests, preparing elaborate meals and holiday treats, purchasing gifts for everyone on the list- all while still fulfilling her regular obligations as well. One of our very favorite ways to mange stress and blow off a little steam is through the tried and true method of orgasm!

Here at She Explores Life, we know that not all women are made of sugar and spice and everything nice. Some of us are made of dark chocolate, intelligence, curse words, courage and all things sexy. Therefore, we’ve put together an ultimate list of gifts for women who love to bang and promise you can’t go wrong if you treat her to one of our top sexy picks!

Our Top Picks Gifts for Women Who Love Sex

Lelo Soraya 2
gifts for women, women who like sex, sex toys


We absolutely adore Lelo and all of their gorgeous products. Designed with women in mind and boosting several awards for design, technology innovations and products that are built with women’s sexual health in mind. This just may be the world’s most luxurious rabbit vibrator that offers optimized dual-stimulation for both clitoral and G-spot orgasm, on a whole new level. This little sweetie make the perfect gift for women who love to get off.


Lovehoney Oh! Get Started Tie & Tease Kit 
gifts for women, women who like sex, sex toys, bondage


Ever wondered if your sex-loving woman would enjoy being restrained? Why not give it a go this holiday season and show her just how wild you can be?! Trust us, she will thank you. 


Tiani 3
gifts for women, women who like sex, sex toys


For couples who are never shy, TIANI 3 offers powerful, intimate pleasure and guaranteed satisfaction. If you’re feeling daring and eager to discover an entirely new way to enjoy sex, this massager is a must try – one arm vibrates powerfully inside you and the other massages your clitoris, all while transmitting the pleasure the whole way along his length while you make love.


Dirty Talk: Talk Dirty to Get in the Mood for Love


This book is an absolute must have for those eager to learn the powerful art of dirty talk! It’s the perfect gift for women looking to intensify their sensuality, The most skilled sex gurus know that the key to intense sexual pleasure is through the multiple and simultaneous stimulation of the senses. Think of your words as a hundred more hands and a thousand other tongues stroking, kissing, and licking your lover. In this book, you’ll learn more about the psychology of the language of lust. Find out why it works so well and why you should strive to speak it fluently.


ETHEREA Silk Cuffs  
gifts for women, women who like sex, sex toys


Restrict everything but pleasure with two delicately woven silk restraints. With the jacquard pattern on one side and soft suede on the other, they can be tied around ankles or wrists when couples wish to explore those higher planes of intimacy. We love naughty sex toys for those who love luxury, and these pretty cuffs fit both!  


Thé Noir 29′ Body Oil
gifts for women, women who like sex, sex toys


One of the best ways to set the mood with your favorite gal is a sexy gift of slow and gentle touching, especially with a high quality message oil. This cold-weather-perfect one from Le Labo has essences of bergamot, bay leaves, black tea, and fig. Totally worth the price tag. 


After Midnight’ Lace Open Gusset G-String
gifts for women, women who love sex, sex toys


Holy hot sex Batman! Two words; EASY. Access! These super sexy, fun, crotchless undies are fantastic for a super naughty quickie. Spice things up and maybe shock and surprise her with something a little daring. 


Passion Lube
women who love sex, sex lube


Passion Natural Water Based Lube is my go-to lubricant. With a slick and slippery feel, it effectively reduces friction and discomfort to create a more enjoyable experience for everyone involved. Free of parabens, glycerin, petrochemicals, and other harmful ingredients, those with sensitive skin can put their mind at rest. It washes off easily and is a total game changer for those hours long sex seshs. 


Liberator Fascinator Throes
sex toys


Wet and wild fun is yours to be had with this handy moisture-proof sex blanket. A supremely plush throw, specially lined to absorb all the messes, lubes, lotions and potions. One side is an extraordinarily soft fluffy surface; the other is silky satin, making it a reversible, versatile, sexy must-have for sexy fun. An inner moisture barrier ensures your bedding and furniture stays spotless; just throw it in the wash when playtime is over. This is the perfect gift for women who identify as squirters and gushers. This blanket has you covered. 


Njoy Pure Plug Medium Stainless Steel Butt Plug
butt plug, sexy toys


Listen, we get it! Not everyone is into butt play, and that’s ok! However if you or your lady are interested in exploring and playing around in anus town, this butt plug is fantastic for beginner and intermediate couples alike. We love the sleek design and that it’s angled for smooth and pleasurable penetration. This gift makes for a great stocking stuffer.


This holiday season, skip the sparkly jewelry and fuzzy slippers. Get your special lady the perfect gift for every night. One quick spin through these gifts for women who love to have sex, is sure to put you on her very, very nice (or naughty-in-the-best-way) list.

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