Author: Eli Edlund

52 Hike Challenge: A Girls Guide to Hiking

52 hike challenge

You can embark on the 52 Hike Challenge — even if you’ve never hiked before—with this beginner’s guide to hiking.

Live Your Unrealistic #Vanlife Fantasy in 2020

vanlife, camper van

Think vanlife is out of your reach because you’re a mom? Find out why this mom embraces #vanlife and thinks you should buy that camper van.

Winter Hiking Tips for Women

winter hike

Don’t let cold weather keep you from getting out and enjoying nature. Hit the trails with these winter hiking tips for women.

This is My Brain on Nature


Things are feeling hard right now. Your thoughts are jumbled. Put down that glass of wine, this could be your brain on nature too

7 Essentials for Hiking with Kids

hiking with kids

Getting out to explore trails with little ones in tow can be tough. These essentials make hiking with kids so much easier.

A Woman’s Travel Guide to Exploring Vancouver BC

If you’ve never been to Vancouver, BC, now’s the time to plan the perfect family trip or girlfriend’s getaway. We’ve got your guide!

Spring Break: A Woman’s Guide To Moab, UT

If your focus is outdoor adventures with stunning scenery, make sure Moab, UT is on your bucket list. We’ve put together your dream guide.

52 hike challenge: Starting Small

52 hike challenge

Follow this mother of two young boys as she takes on the 52 Hike Challenge. Starting small, she looks for joy in one mile increments.

America: Navigating Our Emotionally Abusive Relationship

Find out which feminist reads and podcasts this author is turning to to help her deal with her emotionally abusive relationship with America.

Lord Hill Park: Mushrooms & A Family Hike

Lord Hill Park

A spur-of-the-moment family hike in Lord Hill Park gives a mom the opportunity to witness her child’s excitement as he discovers mushrooms!