4 Great Summer Road Trips In The U.S.

road trip

Pack the car, grab your best girlfriend and get ready to fill your summer with some of the best road trips in the U.S.

Women-Friendly Bars in LA

Over Gendered Assumptions at Bars? In a city of nearly four million people, 58 to 75 percent of LA’s population is legally allowed to drink alcohol.1 Half of that population consists of women, so one would assume that bar owners… Continue Reading…

A Mother & Daughter’s Journey through Dementia


A woman shares her journey through her mother’s battle with dementia. This short piece reflects a daughter’s love and devotion to her mother.

Learning and Unlearning Shame: My Journey toward Sexual Fulfillment


A personal story exploring the effect shame can have on women’s development as sexual beings over the course of their lives.

Suprise! It’s A…Pregnancy & Birth Story


Get ready for an incredible story about one mom’s experience with the pregnancy and birth of her first child. It’s full of surprises!

5 Amazing Reasons to Travel Alone

travel alone

Traveling solo can feel intimidating at first, but it is well worth your while. Here are five reasons why choosing to travel alone is awesome

Your Dream Sicilian Summer Yoga Retreat

Your dream Sicilian Summer Yoga Retreat is waiting. Find out how its concept came to fruition in the town of Scoglitti Sicily.

Mourning & Celebrating: A Birth Story


Sometimes a birth experience results in both mourning & celebration. This is story about a Cesarean birth and what sometimes comes after.

Little Girl in White: A Story About Dissociative Disorder

EMDR, Dissociative Identity Disorder

This is one woman’s story about sexual abuse, living with dissociative disorder and healing through EMDR sessions. Meet The Little Girl in White.

Ruth Nolan: Life as a Female Firefighter & California’s Wildland Fires

Writer & Editor Ruth Nolan shares stories from her days as one of the few female firefighters battling California’s wildfires, and how they inspired her current work.