About Us

She Explores Life

Our Vision

She Explores Life is an online platform created by women who are bent on filling the internet with stories written by women, for women. It is a place to commune with other strong, independent women and talk about all things socially relevant and necessary to bring about equality. We aim to give a voice to every female author who has a story to share that is real— not polished and perfect— but vulnerable and raw. We believe that women are strongest when in community in tribes of badass sisterhood, that support, encourage, lift, and celebrate one another. This is a space for women who pay attention, are astonished by life, and want to talk about it.

Our Mission

She Explores Life’s mission is to liberate women’s voices and elevate their stories in all of the areas and industries that affect them. Our primary focus is giving women a place to share stories about adventures they have had exploring their lives in a variety of ways. Our site features articles about travel, sexual exploitation, relationship adventures, spiritual quests, parenting, and more.

The Team

She Explores Life is a woman-powered passion project. We are professionals, adventurers, yogis, mothers, storytellers and so much more.